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The ABC Blocks of Nutrition- CARBS Unleashed

The ABC’s of Nutrition

Carbs, Protein and Fat.. We’ve heard these concepts before but what do they mean? What makes a carbohydrate a carbohydrate, a protein a protein, and a fat a fat? Are all carbohydrates created equal? Are all fats bad for you? How does a vegetarian get their protein without meat?

I am here to tell you, understanding the building blocks of nutrition (carbs, protein and fat) can open the doors of knowledge for you. Its understanding the foundation before you build up that gives you stability and strength in your structure. It’s the simple facts that can help you decide whether to put AVOCADO or BACON on your sandwich.


Tackling all things CARBOHYDRATE related

Your body NEEDS energy for growth, movement, activity, walking your dog… you name it –> the body needs it. This energy comes from the food we choose to eat. long story short, energy is generated from either carbohydrates, fats, or proteins.

The RDA* for carbohydrates is roughly 130 grams/day or about 520 calories


Our dietary carbohydrates are composed of either SIMPLE SUGARS, COMPLEX SUGARS or FIBERS



As we can see, not all carbohydrates are created equal. Complex sugars are better then simple sugars, and fibers are EVEN BETTER than complex sugars. However, it remains important that we consume carbohydrates in our daily chew because most of the daily energy we expend comes from our carbohydrate intake. Carbs have recently been given the bad chew by the public, thinking all carbs are equally bad. HOWEVER, if we eliminate carbohydrates from our daily chew look at what important foods might be missing.





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