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The ABC Blocks of Nutrition- PROTEINS for the Win!

The ABC blocks of nutrition- PROTEINS for the win!

Carbs, Protein and Fat.. We’ve heard these concepts before but what do they mean? What makes a carbohydrate a carbohydrate, a protein a protein and a fat a fat? Are all carbohydrates created equal? Are all fats bad for you? How does a vegetarian get their protein without meat? And of course, the never ending question of “How do I build muscle, stay lean but still have enough energy for my workouts?”

PROTEIN- the category of interest, but the source of confusion for many athletes

Once you get through the basics, proteins are very simple to understand. Like anything else.. once you understand the building blocks of what synthesizes a protein, the topics throughout nutrition make more sense.



The BIG question everybody wants to know… “How much of this INCREDIBLE macronutrient do I need?”



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