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Apple Cider Vinegar-

The Liquid Miracle Worker



What is it about Apple Cider Vinegar  (ACV) that makes it so great? I have heard so much about this powerful juice in the last couple of months I decided to give it a try and do my own research behind it. Not only was I amazed to see how many people out there swear by this product, but they trust it to heal almost every ailment they have. I was very curious so I started my research by looking at what other people were using this simple but potent juice for. I looked at several other blogs, noting their personal successes and mine and put together the following chart. This chart notes what I mainly saw the uses for and the reasoning behind them.


Used For Reason why it might work Personal success/ failure after 1 month
Weight Management ACV is thought to suppress the Leptin hormone, which is the “hunger hormone”. This would ultimately lead to longer satiety and less inclination to eat. Personally, I did not notice a difference in my hunger levels after drinking this every morning.
Improved Immune Function Unfiltered and unpasteurized ACV contains enzymes, proteins and helpful bacteria for your gut. This blob of nutrients is called “the mother” I used ACV everyday for 1  month and never got sick. Whether or not this helped could not be determined.
Natural Energy ACV is all naturally occurring and highly fermented until the sugars have been broken down into vinegar. I loved ACV for this effect. I did not feel worn down during the mornings I would drink this.
Skin Toner ACV is packaged at an acidity of 5%, this pH is meant to work harmoniously with our skin pH. It can be used as a toner to help restore skin cells on the face, reduce redness, acne and work to soften skin. Also contains malic and lactic acids to help skin rejuvenation. I used ACV as a toner on my skin every night for a month. I saw no difference in the oil secretion, redness, or smoothness of the skin. It also smells pretty strongly.
Whiten Teeth and Antibacterial Because of the acidity of the ACV, it works to remove the stains on your teeth and the pH works to kill the bacteria of bad breath. However, it can also strip away the enamel on the teeth. I noticed a difference in whiteness and reduced bad breath after drinking in the morning for a month.

Other uses for ACV include

-marinades and dressings for cooking

-natural cleaning products throughout the house (vinegar product)


The Research behind-2

What Research Recommends

After I had read about personal testimonies declaring this a liquid miracle worker, and trying it out for myself, I wanted to know what the professionals thought about it. Is there true evidence to back up these claims or was it just in our heads that we were producing clearer skin, whiter teeth, and had more energy? Unfortunately, the research is very limited and very few studies back up the personal testimonies. However, there really could be something to Apple Cider Vinegar.


In many cases Apple Cider Vinegar is beneficial to those with Type I Diabetes because it can work with the body to increase the amount of time the digestive tract breaks down carbs. This sounds like the opposite of what we would want, but listen up. ACV has the natural ability to lower postprandial blood glucose (meaning blood sugar after eating a meal will not peak as high). This is beneficial because diabetics must watch their blood sugar after eating to make sure they are not spiking too high, this can become very dangerous if they become hyperglycemic. ACV can also help to delay gastric emptying because of the same mechanism of delayed starch break down in the intestines. This can cause the patient to have increased satiety and reduced need to eat carbs. However, diabetics who use ACV routinely must be cautious because they can become hypoglycemic, which is even more dangerous than becoming hyperglycemic.

Lipid Profiles

In a study done on rats, scientists measured the difference in lipid profiles between diabetic rats and non-diabetic rats that both ate food containing ACV. After implementing a diet with ACV on the rats for a month, the scientists measured their LDL (“bad” cholesterol), HDL (“good” cholesterol) and total triglycerides. They noted in both cases, the ACV helped to reduce the bad cholesterol, increase the good cholesterol and reduce the total triglycerides in the rat body. Therefore, this shows ACV can improve the overall status of lipid profiles in both diabetic and non-diabetic people.




What I Recommend

For the last four weeks after taking apple cider vinegar every morning in replacement of my coffee, I would honesty recommend this to anybody who asked me.

I was a little apprehensive at first, being desperately attached to my morning coffee. My previous morning routine was to head straight to the brewing machine before my body even knew what it was doing. I would sip on the dark magic for hours, drinking 1..2..3 cups of coffee before I was ready to start my day. After drinking coffee I always felt jittery, and off balance but still energized to say the least.

When I switched to Apple Cider Vinegar I felt such a difference in the first week. I felt lighter, healthier and the fact that I only needed one cup of this miracle worker was great! It took a day or two to get used to the taste, but now I look forward to it in the morning. It tastes refreshing and there is no need to brush my teeth again after I drink it (because it keeps your teeth white and your breath fresh). 

What I drink in the morning

  • 1 cup full of steaming hot water
  • 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp local honey
  • 1 slice of lemon with juice squeezed in

Too Much of a Good Thing?

As it turns out, there are really no heavy side effects to taking too much of this liquid gold if you are non-diabetic. With diabetics, hypoglycemia can occur and it is not advised to drink a lot throughout the course of one day. Furthermore, the few that I already mentioned such as tooth enamel wearing down and the esophageal membrane decay from the acidity can be prevented when mixing the ACV with water to dilute it. Usually 1 tsp-1 Tbsp of ACV with a glass of water is sufficient enough to get the benefits without the potent wear and tear. Some studies say to drink the ACV through a straw so that it skips the tooth enamel altogether.





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  • Updated 3/30/2017





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