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How To Grocery Shop Like A Dietitian


The Terrors of Grocery Shopping


Often times people get frustrated when going to the grocery store, they don’t know where to start. They might even make a list of what they need but come out with more than they expected. This can quickly increase your grocery bill, sometimes spending $50-100 more than you needed to. Grocery shopping is expensive enough, we shouldn’t add more to the bill. However, I’m guilty of it too when I don’t focus on what I specifically need.

The grocery store industry has ways of distributing the food throughout the store to entice you into buying more products than you actually need. This is called “product placement”. It’s the reason why we see the check out lines stocked with last minute items we think we need. It’s why the yummy food samples are placed at the ends of the aisles. Take note next time you head up to your local grocery store. Do you notice you gravitate towards a certain brand because of the way it is packaged? 



MY Grocery Tricks


Grocery shopping should not be something you dread. It also should not be the last chore on the list, waiting until your pantry is barren before you head up to the store to restock. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to share about grocery shopping and what my ten staples any grocery cart should include.

Trick #1: Buying nutritious foods does not have to be expensive, it can very well be but you don’t have to “buy” into it. When foods become more expensive, most of the time it is because of the packaging. The cheapest way to eat healthy is to buy whole foods, like the fruits and veggies in the produce aisle that have not been “pre-cut, pre-sliced, pre-washed”, breads that are not “pre-sliced”, and cheese that has not been “pre-cut”.

Trick #2: When you’re in the grocery store look for sales. In the grocery store, promotions are everywhere. They say “2 for the cost of 1” or “buy this, get another item for free”. Take advantage of these promotions if you can. This will save you a few trips to the store. There have been so many times I stock up on items I know I will use later and I always do!

Trick #3: Another cost effective trick is to plan out meals and make a list BEFORE you go to the store. I am not a huge meal planner, I know what I plan today I will not want tomorrow. However, I do plan the basics such as chicken at least one meal this week, turkey sandwich for lunch, oatmeal for breakfast etc so I make a list based on what I need for the week. This keeps me from going back to the store during the week and keeps me from spending too much on groceries.

Trick #4:  Don’t be scared to buy the generic brand. Many stores have their own generic brand of the food items you love. My local HEB grocery store has it’s own brand that is generally 50 cents – 2 dollars cheaper than the leading brand. This can save you up to $20 in the check out line!

Trick #5: Lastly, and most importantly if you have the space to do so, buy food in bulk. This not only saves time but it also saves money. Buying in bulk typically is less expensive in the long run and the pantry/ freezer is stocked so you have choices during the week about what to make for meals.




MY Grocery Staples












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