“Green Goddess Smoothie”

4 Simple Ingredients, 1 Thirst Quenching Drink


Carrot Juice: Daucus Carota

  • Contains: Vitamin A, Fiber, Vitamin C, Potassium, & Carotenoids.
  • What it Does: Beneficial for eye vision, prevents night blindness and protects against sun-skin damage.

Frozen Bananas: Musa Balbisiana

  • Contains: Potassium, Pyridoxine, Vitamin C, Fiber, & Magnesium.
  • What it Does: Offers the ideal balance of potassium and sodium and helps to release stored glucose in the body.

Apples: Malus

  • Contains: Vitamin C, Fiber, Flavonoids, & Phenolic Acids
  • What it Does: Helps to slow the absorption of sugar and cholesterol into the  bloodstream

Kale: Brassica Oleracea Acephala

  • Contains: Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Manganese, Fiber, Copper, Tryptophan, Calcium, Pyridoxine, Potassium, Iron, Folate, & other Phytonutrients.
  • What it Does: Helps to boost DNA cell repair, and it has been linked to blocking cancer cell growth. It has also been linked to slowing cognitive decline, and preventing rheumatoid arthritis & heart disease.



What Brings These 4 Ingredients Together?


The Vitamix.

People thought I was absolutely crazy when I put this blender on my Christmas wish list when I was 20 years old. What does a 20 year old want with a blender?

Oh but the wonderful joy this machine has given! I can make smoothies taste like liquid gold, I can blend and heat up soups ready to serve. Before I had a kitchen mixer I would mix cookie dough and biscuit batters. This is my food processor, my chopper and my blender all in one machine. Still think you don’t need one? The Vitamix has made it’s way into almost every professional kitchen including restaurants, TV shows and the Food Network. But this post isn’t about the blender, it’s about what’s inside that counts, right?

Inside is the “Green Goddess Smoothie”






  • 2 cups fresh carrot juice
    • Freshly juiced or store bought. I like the brand Bolthouse Farms found in most grocery stores
  • 3 frozen bananas cut in half
    • The frozen bananas make the consistency thicker and colder without the need for additional ice chips
  • 2-3 small green apples chopped in half with seeds cut out
  • A handful of fresh kale




serves 3-4

  1. Pour the carrot juice and the half pieces of frozen bananas into the blender. Cover with a lid and set the blender on low speed at first. Eventually ramp it into higher gear until the blender combines the bananas into the carrot juice. The juice should become thick with no large clumps of banana.
  2. Next, add the apple pieces and repeat the blending technique from number 1.
  3. Once the consistency does not have any large chunks of apples or bananas, add a handful of kale (to your liking) to the blender. Set the speed to high and let the blender smooth out the texture of the kale. This takes about 1-2 minutes in a Vitamix.
  4. Serve cold, enjoy!



*Vitamix blenders have the ability to break up large pieces of fruit/ vegetables. Other blenders may need to have the ingredients chopped down to a smaller size.

* Keep leftover smoothie refrigerated for up to 5 days


-This is an original recipe created for and by The Healthy Chew- All Rights Reserved

-All photos used in this article were taken by Stephanie Rackley for and by The Healthy Chew -all rights reserved


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Green Goddess Smoothie



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