“Almond & Sweet Potato Crusted Salmon”


For our honeymoon, my husband and I vacationed in Florida, traveling from West Palm Beach all the way down to Key West. I think what I remember most was the unbelievable views that took my breath away, the way the sun would set the water on fire with it’s blazing rays. We often bring up some of the great food we had, cherishing our memories of those honeymooner days.

One specific restaurant we went to was called The Food Shack, and yes it did resemble some what of a shack. It was a hole-in-the-wall for sure, from the disordered seating to the people who rolled off the beach to grab some grub. This place was by no means a five star restaurant but they had a secret no doubt. They knew how to cook fresh seafood. They knew how to toss different flavors together and create a masterpiece. A masterpiece fit for a king.. or maybe just a beach bum.

I still remember mine, I had a sweet potato crusted Tile Fish (a white fish). It was so fresh, so buttery, so crisp and with SO MUCH FLAVOR! My appetite for recreating this dish has been hungry for success, trying different ways to mimic it’s flavor.


Original Sweet Potato Crusted Tile Fish from “The Food Shack”


I have remade this a couple of different times, but the simpler it gets.. the better it tastes. Allowing the bold flavor of fresh salmon to remain a big feature in the dish, the sweet potatoes and almonds just add extra flavor and a slight crunch. It might be a little different tasting on a white fish, but using a fatty fish like salmon has it’s advantages.



Simple Ingredients..

Simple Preparation..



Shred the Sweet Potato with a Mandoline
Shred the Sweet Potato
Add Chopped Almonds, Shredded Sweet Potato, Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper to a Bowl
Bread the Salmon with Potato Mixture
Cook Until the Fat Starts to Come Out (18-20 mins)





serves 2-3 


  • 1 sweet potato
  • 1/2 cup almonds (can be pre sliced or whole)
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 1 lb salmon (or 2 serving sizes of desired portion)




  1. Pre heat the oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit, prepare a glass baking dish with a tsp of olive oil on the bottom.
  2. Start by shredding the washed and dried sweet potato with a mandoline. If you can buy pre shredded sweet potatoes at the grocery store, this saves time and maybe your finger. I only use about half of the sweet potato, the trick is about 1/4 cup shreds per serving size of fish.
  3. Put the shredded sweet potato in a bowl. Begin chopping up some almonds so they are thinly sliced and chopped down. Add the chopped almonds to the bowl with the sweet potatoes.
  4. Add 1 tsp of olive oil, salt and pepper to the same bowl. Combine the ingredients with your hands, incorporating the olive oil throughout.
  5. Using your hands, bread the salmon with the sweet potato mixture like you would with breadcrumbs. Make sure the salmon is equally covered but not too thickly layered. Lay the breaded salmon in the prepared glass dish.
  6. Cook in the oven for 18-22 minutes or until you see plenty of fat coming out the sides of the fish. This dish should take a bit longer to cook than plain salmon because it is layered.
  7. Once the fish is done, take it out of the oven and let sit for another minute or so to finish cooking.


*I put mine on a bed of greens and drizzled some balsamic vinegar on top,

Mango or peach chutney are good topping choices as well


The Food Shack



-This is an original recipe created for and by The Healthy Chew- All Rights Reserved

-All photos used in this article were taken by Stephanie Rackley for and by The Healthy Chew -all rights reserved

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Almond & Sweet Potato

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