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(10) Ways to Eat Healthier at Restaurants

Americans eat out on average five times a week and for the first time, are spending more on dining out than they do on grocery bills.

-National Restaurant Association

When I first read that I thought, that can not be true. Five (5) times a week means roughly twenty (20) meals in a month, which can get pretty expensive. When each meal is around 10-15 dollars, this means on average a single American is spending anywhere from 200-300 dollars per month. That is just for themselves to eat out, which is not including the grocery bill for the other 60+ meals per month.

Think about how much you could save if you ate at home.. not to mention the control over what you ate and the weight you could loose from not eating those darned dinner rolls they hand out.

However, I am not here to shake my finger and tell you to quit dining out, it is after-all, part of our society. FOOD is our society. Our culture, revolves around the dinner table, food and good company. I would never tell somebody to stop embracing their culture, but when dining out becomes an everyday occurrence there are healthier ways to enjoy the experience and not have to worry about buying bigger pants.

It does not involve researching the restaurant and their menu before you go, because how many times does that actually happen before you get bored. Let’s be honest, I don’t even do that. Going out to eat is supposed to be a treat, it’s spontaneous and adventurous– let’s keep it that way.


1. Skip the sodas and mixed drinks 


2.  Skip the free “Bread n’ Butter”


3. Salad before dinner


4. Don’t settle for iceberg 


5. Avoid creamy sauces on salads


6. Look for loaded words


7. Picking your meat


8. Double up on the veggies


9. Box half of it up


10. Skip the dessert and order coffee



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