What I Eat In a Day

Hopefully, most of you guys keep up with my posts, if so you know by now that I have crazy food sensitivities and allergies (about my food allergies here). Like to the point of no return. But that’s okay, I’ve come to accept the solidified fact that my body functions SO MUCH BETTER when I feed it what it wants instead of what my mind thinks it wants.

I thought I might share with you all what I typically eat in a day because I get asked this question quite a lot. Actually, it seems to be the FIRST question people blurt out when they find out I can’t really eat at fast food establishments or the majority of dine in restaurants. Most of the time it goes something like this..

Me: “I can’t eat that, I’m allergic to soy”

Friend: “Oh, like Soy sauce? There’s no Soy in here”

Me: “No, like soybean oil, soybean, soy lecithin, soy protein, soy sauce etc”

Friend: “Oh My Gosh! What do you eat???”

Most people think that because I can’t eat food that is convenient for me, that it’s a shameful waste of tasty (yet terribly bad for you) food. Truth be told, I eat delicious food everyday and it starts with my breakfast in the morning. Most of my meals are plant based with the exception of wild caught seafood, organic hormone-free chicken breast and free range eggs.


Farm raised seafood, especially fish that are bred for the flavor, are most of the time given some form of GMO feed and antibiotics. The antibiotics cause less illness in the fish population but also cause deterioration of the vitamins and minerals in their meat. So what you think you’re getting when you buy farm raised salmon at the supermarket may not be the case. Furthermore, the level of Omega-3 Fatty Acids decrease while the level of Omega-6 Fatty Acids increase. To put that into perspective it’s like saying anti-inflammatory fighters are reduced while pro-inflammation is stirred up, this whisks up a recipe for inflammation in the body that can ultimately cause disease or cancerous states.

Furthermore, chickens that have been raised for slaughter have also been given antibiotics and growth hormones. This is so they grow larger and produce more meat in a shorter amount of time. It’s anything but a natural process. This also means that their meat is tainted with the antibiotics and when we regularly consume chicken, we pose the threat of ingesting antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Ever notice why the American population has become so sick and dropping thousands of dollars in medical expenses? What we eat has EVERYTHING to do with it.



My Morning Game Strong

First, I start my morning off with steaming hot green tea, apple cider vinegar and lemon water. This is because your body gets dehydrated while sleeping & fasting and it needs to be rehydrated when you wake up. Secondly, I indulge in my breakfasts (on most days). I’m a firm believer in breakfast and giving the body what it wants. If you’re going to have a big meal, have it in the morning because it gives your body fuel to last throughout the day. Carbs are best in the morning as well, giving your metabolism plenty of time to work it off. Having a large breakfast unfortunately isn’t for everybody, but for me it wakes me up, gets my metabolism going, and puts me in a good mood! My favorite go to breakfast meals include some form of cooked oats with fruit or scrambled eggs with some sort of toast and mixed fruit.

(In Clockwise Direction)

  1. (Top Left, Top Right and Middle Right) Oatmeal Piled High with Fruit I cook my oatmeal in water. After it’s cooked, I add almond milk, brown sugar, flax seeds, nuts, seeds and all the fruit I can find in the refrigerator to top it off. (Brand of Oatmeal: Quaker Old Fashioned Oats)
  2. (Middle Right) The All-American “Eggs n’ Toast” I scramble my eggs and cook them with extra virgin olive oil, adding a little bit of salt and pepper. My favorite toast is 100% organic with whole grains and seeds mixed in (brand: Dave’s Killer Bread). The strawberry preserves contains no HFCS, or artificial ingredients (brand: Bonne Maman’)
  3. (Bottom Left) Baked Fruit, Oats and Yogurt- Layering uncooked oats on the bottom, fruit and then yogurt on top I baked the dish for about 10-15 minutes. I included with it, toast and smoked salmon on top.
  4. (Middle Left) Blueberry & Peach Breakfast Crunch- (Find the recipe here) this is one of my favorite recipes when I want something healthy and yummy for breakfast. It’s wonderful because I can make it in the beginning of the week and it will last me till the end of the week.



I Don’t Pack a Bunch for Lunch

Nearing lunch time, I’m never in the mood for heavy food. I like to snack all day long and eat when my body is hungry. This is typically what my day looks like.. munch here.. graze there.. veggies and fruit.. fruits and veggies. On the rare occasion, I’ll eat a full sandwich or maybe leftovers from dinner the night before but for the most part, I like yogurt and granola, a big salad or some form of wrap with veggies inside.

(In Clockwise Direction)

  1. (Top Left & Right) Yogurt and Granola– My homemade granola (Find Recipe Here). I usually mix it with almond milk or dairy free yogurt. I usually add in cacao nibs & fruit too for a delicious and filling meal. (Brand: Silk Almond Milk and SO Delicious coconut milk yogurt)
  2. Chicken Salad on a Bed of Greens My homemade chicken salad recipe is not out on the blog yet but it’s so delicious when I incorporate some green with it. It also helps my green salad taste less..green and leafy. However, it is still nutritious!
  3. (Middle Right) Smoothie Bowl I very recently started making these but I am already loving the concept of putting fresh fruit, grain free granola, and cacao nibs on top of a freshly made smoothie and calling it a meal. YUM! I use frozen bananas, frozen berries and frozen peaches along with almond milk to blend it into a colorful smoothie.
  4. (Bottom Right) Anti-Inflammatory Salad Mixed greens (kale, spinach, spring mix, romaine) with cherry tomatoes, pistachios, sugar snap peas, shredded carrots and broccoli.
  5. (Bottom Left) Veggie Wrap I use a large sprouted whole grain flatbread (brand: Angelic Bakehouse found at HEB) and I fill it with hummus, sliced avocados, shredded carrots, broccoli and cabbage, lettuce and drizzle honey mustard on top. It’s so light and yummy, you can even add some turkey or bacon into the mix and it would be a great lunch.
  6. (Middle Left) Homemade Granola- When I am on the go, I sometimes just grab a bag or jar of this granola and munch on it throughout the day. It has nuts, grains and dried fruit to keep me full and satisfied. The nuts give me protein, the oats give me energy and the fruit gives me vitamins and trace amounts of nutrients.


Winner, Winner, Fish for Dinner

On any typical night of the week, I like to incorporate fish into my meals. If I don’t have fresh fish in the refrigerator, then I gravitate towards chicken breast. If I wasn’t married to a man who loves meat, I guarantee you I would be eating salads on top of salads every night. I’d probably be thinner than I am too, but I probably wouldn’t have branched out of my comfort zone in the kitchen. I normally throw a couple different kinds of veggies together, roast them in the oven or steam them over the stove top.

(In Clockwise direction)

  1. (Top Left) Swordfish with Veggie Paella- Justin occasionally comes home with freshly caught fish from the coast. This past time he came home with Swordfish and Tuna steaks. So I created a veggie paella to pair with the buttery fish (recipe coming soon).
  2. (Top Right) Salmon and Veggies- This is what a typical dinner looks like in our house. I roasted sweet potatoes, red onions and brussel sprouts in the oven and baked salmon  with olive oil, salt & pepper.
  3. (Top Middle) Anti-Inflammatory Salad- A large bowl of mixed greens (spinach, kale, romaine, etc) with tomatoes, sugar snap peas, shredded broccoli and carrots
  4. (Middle Right) Teriyaki Bowl- Shrimp, rice, farrow, seeds, avocados, sugar snap peas, broccoli, and carrots mixed in a mustard & vinegar dressing
  5. (Bottom Right) Baked Cod with Mango-Peach Glaze- recipe here
  6. (Bottom Left) Almond and Sweet Potato Crusted Salmon- recipe here



This post is making me so hungry right now, but I hope I got your brains thinking about all the possibilities you can whip up without using those heavy, fat saturated meats, dairy and sugar. Yes, it’s yummy and your taste buds might love you in the moment but what about in an hour or so?

If you feel better after eating a salad for lunch, think about how great you would feel if you ate like that everyday! Just keep chewing, friends because what matters most in this world is your health. Let’s do everything we can to hold onto our health and happiness, for our happiness ultimately stems from our health.




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What I Typically Eat In a Day

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