Peach (N)Ice Cream


What exactly is (N)Ice Cream, you may ask? Most of the time, Nice Cream refers to ice cream made without the dairy milk, making it vegan and enjoyable for many people who choose not to consume dairy. In my opinion, Nice Cream is something entirely different. I think of Nice Cream as a simple, easy, homemade ice cream that does not include a list filled with foreign ingredients. Let’s face it, Ice Cream doesn’t last long in my house. I’m sure if you have a husband with a sweet tooth, kids who crave sweets, or a personal hankering yourself, the ice cream doesn’t last long either. That’s why Nice Cream is such a great option for a healthy alternative and not to mention keeping the wallet a little thicker. 

There are so many different types of Nice Cream, you could make a different flavor every day of the week. In my recipe, I used peaches because of the summertime peach season. Furthermore, I made my Nice Cream with Almond Milk, but you can most certainly use dairy milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, or any other type of milk base. The thicker the milk, the better because the ice cream consistency gets creamier with a heavier milk base. If you choose not to have any milk in your Nice Cream, add an extra frozen banana to the mixture to thicken it up.

What’s Nice Cream without the toppings? While this sweet treat is good by itself, it tastes even better with a few toppings sprinkled on top. Add some chopped southern pecans, sliced fruit, or cacao nibs to crunch down on something wonderful and send your taste buds for a spin. 



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Peach (N)Ice Cream Recipe



Peach (N)Ice Cream

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