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Greek Chicken Kale Salad


Learn how to re-love your boring salad!

Does anybody else have the problem of redundancy when making a salad at home? I seem to make the same salads over and over again, using the same ingredients, the same dressing, even in the same bowl with the same type of lettuce. No wonder I was bored of salad, I had eaten so much of it that my taste buds were tired of the same ol’ thing. It got to the point where I would buy lettuce at the grocery store, contemplating making salad for lunch/dinner, but the lettuce would just sit unused in my refrigerator. That’s when you know it’s time to branch out a bit and try different flavors. I wanted to learn to re-love my salads. 

I know I can’t be the only one who lost interest in their salad. I bet if I would ask, y’all would all be shaking your heads in unison about how salads have lost their lust. The question now is how do we fall back in love with our salads, how do we rekindle the flame and create a relationship that lasts? It’s all about finding the flavors you desire most. What flavors do you gravitate towards? Finding and pairing flavors that fit your palate is important, it’s necessary.

I found that pairing a few extreme flavors such as red onions, kalamata olives, and goat cheese together with a few milder ingredients such as tomatoes, sautéed chicken, nuts and seeds, created a salad I could fall in love with again. It contains good healthy fats in the olive oil, simple lemon dressing, nuts and seeds but also plenty of protein with the sautéed chicken and goat cheese. In a Dietitian’s eyes, this ‘green goddess’ of a salad acts as a power house with all the vitamins and nutrients it provides. 

If you are unsure about the extreme flavors and think they might be too much for your palate, try adding one at a time to your salad. Start by adding the goat cheese, then throw in some olives, and lastly the sliced red onions. It’s important to learn to love your salad, because we should enjoy what we eat– not suffer through meals just because it is healthy or ‘good’ for us. What good is food to us if we do not enjoy and love it?


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Greek Chicken Kale Salad



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