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‘Salmon Pasta with Cashew Pesto’

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It’s pretty normal throughout life to crave a good bowl of pasta, there is just something about it that radiates comfort, warmth and might even have you muttering, “there’s no place like home.”

When I crave a bowl of pasta (let’s be honest, it happens more often than I would like to admit), I crave a fresh and earthy tasting pasta. One that is full of fresh flavors like basil, crunchy vegetables, and zesty sauces. Maybe I was in one of those moods the other day when I thought about this lovely bowl of pasta.

When I made this dish, I was also meal prepping it for a weekend of traveling. I love chilled pasta for dinner just as much as a warm, cozy bowl of pasta. Pasta travels very well, regardless if you’re traveling across the state or just to the office. This recipe is a great one to keep on hand for lunch and/or dinner on the go. I stored mine in a glass container so when it came time to heat up the dish, I did not have to switch containers. Talk about tasty convenience!

Furthermore, the components of this dish are pretty basic when you break them down. It contains all the main macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats), plus some hearty vegetables on the side for a complete and balanced meal. If you think pasta is not exactly healthy, you may be thinking about it in a different setting. Pasta noodles contain fiber and protein, some noodles even contain certain B vitamins, and others are made with vegetables giving them some boosts in the vitamin department. However, if you don’t typically eat pasta, you can always use veggie noodles such as zucchini or sweet potato shreds to recreate this wonderful dish. 

This Salmon Pasta dish with Cashew Pesto is something I might imagine inside a food magazine, the colors are just so beautiful! The trick is to use all different colors of cherry tomatoes, try to find a package at the store that offers a collection of different sizes and colors. Not only do the colors add some flair, but each one tastes a little different. Some are tart, some are more sweet, but they are all equally delicious in my opinion. Furthermore, the cashew pesto adds a buttery taste to the dish, allowing it to taste more cheesy and buttery without all the extra ingredients. If you like your pesto more basil-tasting and zesty, add a few more basil leaves to the food processor.

I hope y’all enjoy the comfort of this delicious pasta bowl, I know my family sure did!


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Salmon Pasta with Cashew Pesto




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