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How To: Make School Lunch/Snacks

Easy, Fun, AND Healthy

August and September inevitably mean it’s ‘back to school’ time again, but does that mean your packed lunches have to be inevitably boring? I think not! Whether you pack a lunch or snacks for your children or yourself, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for ways to keep that ‘brought-from-home-sack-lunch’ enticing.

I don’t know where the notion started that lunch brought from home was boring, because when I was in school, that’s all I wanted to do. In fact, the only time I ever bought lunch in grade school was when the menu read, ‘Chef’s Salad’. Okay- so maybe I wasn’t entirely normal, but you get the picture. I wanted to bring my lunch everyday because I was allowed to get creative when I packed it. Allowing yourself (or your kids) to get creative in the kitchen with their lunch is one of the most beneficial things. When they help make it, there is a better chance of them eating it once the lunch bell rings.

When I brought my lunch to school, I always wanted to bring something new and different. Although I know some kids like the same thing day after day, others may embrace the idea of new foods and a bigger variety. Ultimately the goal is to help them stay interested and curious in branching out towards new food.

Convenience foods are always going to be popular because well, they are so convenient. Time always seem to run short and before we know it, we are running 15 minutes behind schedule in the mornings. The easiest thing to do is grab and go, but how do we make sure those items we ‘grab’ when we’re on the ‘go’ are healthy?

Need more ideas?

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Back to School Lunch & Snack Ideas

These are a few of my favorite snacks..

Above are just a few of my favorite snacks to pack when I am on the go, traveling, or just don’t have time to make a lunch from scratch. Keeping a well stocked pantry full of healthy snacks make it much easier to choose right when you’re hungry. It’s okay to value convenience when choosing a snack food, and when the convenient snack food is also good for you, it makes a win-win situation in my book. Here is a look into my snack pantry, hopefully you collect a few ideas to share with your family and friends too!









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