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Asian Cashew Chicken


Asian dishes have always been a favorite for me, however I don’t normally make too many of them due to the amount of soy ingredients they call for. Although I don’t use soy sauce, I still find ways to create the unique umami flavor using different ingredients such as rich balsamic vinegar, coconut amino acids, sesame oil, ground ginger, and garlic. Whether you enjoy using soy sauce or you’re looking to swap it out for something else containing less sodium, this mixture is bold in flavor and equally delicious.

This recipe calls for balsamic vinegar and sesame oil, but feel free to use some coconut amino acids if your desire a more saltier taste. I prefer to use 2 different types of sesame oil as well, one with a toasted flavor profile and one with more of a spice and kick to my taste buds. If you’ve never used sesame oil before, it’s great to use in asian dishes and helps to bring out a nutty flavor in the fresh vegetables. Below, I have linked a few of my favorite sesame oils to use in the kitchen.

Furthermore, this dish is very versatile meaning you can use whatever fresh vegetables you like best. I’ve tried using all sorts of varieties including fresh broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, and sugar snap peas. However, The BEST part of this dish is the ease of meal prepping it. Because the flavor becomes bolder when the sesame oil and balsamic vinegar soaks into the chicken and veggies, it tastes great the next day too. I’ve found that meal prepping this and packing it up for lunches or re-warming it for dinner is just as tasty as when it’s served fresh off the stove.

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Asian Cashew Chicken Recipe


Here are a few of my favorite

sesame oils for cooking in the kitchen

Chosen Foods Spicy Sesame Oil


Chosen Foods Sesame Oil


Spectrum Toasted Sesame Oil


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