2017 Healthy Chew Top Kitchen Picks

My Top 10 Kitchen Picks from 2017

If you’re still looking for some great Christmas gifts to give that foodie, cook, or baker in your life- I’ve got just the thing(s) for you. From simple stocking stuffers to gifts that will have them jumping for joy, I am including all of my favorite tools in this post and it’s just for you! Furthermore, I did the work for you by including links to where you can find these tools. The best part is, most of them are on sale!

2017 was a crazy year, the past 6 months have been but a blur to me but I still managed to get in the kitchen and cook up my favorite dishes. These tools make cooking/baking easier and more time efficient- letting you enjoy the act of cooking that much more.

So here it is, my list of top 10 culinary tools from 2017 that I couldn’t live without and neither should you!

#1 Shun ‘Classic Nakiri’ Knife

This Shun knife is simply the best I’ve ever used, from chopping to slicing it’s a one man show that can take care of almost everything on the chopping block. If I had to choose just one knife to use, this would be it- hands down. It keeps a sharp blade better than my other knives, yet it’s durable enough to be used everyday without wear and tear. Although a bit pricey, this knife could take the place of two or three alternative knives combined. It’s a showstopper when it comes to real business on the chopping block.

Details: Shun Classic Nakiri 5″ Hollow Edge



#2 Asparagus Steamer

If you have been wondering how to cook your asparagus just right, not too soggy nor too crunchy- this is the exact steamer I use. It’s perfect for quick dinners, easy to use, and even easier to clean. Steaming the asparagus allows more of the nutrients to stay intact as opposed to boiling or frying them. Cooking asparagus just right can be tricky but this tool is a life saver and time saver in the kitchen.



#3 Lodge Dutch Oven

I personally love to use my dutch oven when cooking a big pot of chili, stew, soup, or even roast. It gives the kitchen a warm feeling, but it also gives your cooking a slight edge. Dutch ovens hold temperatures better and cook more evenly than other pots or pans, allowing those stews and soups to really simmer and absorb the flavors. Not to mention, you’ll also look like a pro when you serve chili out of a dutch oven.

Details: Lodge- Oyster White Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven- 6 quart



#4 Cast Iron Skillet

There are two rules every good cook should know, #1 All good food comes from a cast iron skillet and #2 You can never own too many cast iron skillets. I love cooking in a cast iron skillet because the more you use it, the better the food tastes. It brings out flavors like no other pan can do. The versatility of cast irons are wonderful as well. From cooking to baking, I love switching from the stove top to the oven and using a cast iron skillet makes it so much easier. I use mine to bake biscuits, cinnamon rolls, frittatas, quiches, breakfast hash, bacon, eggs, steak, fish, paella and the list goes on and on. Plus, I mentioned above that serving food straight from a cast iron will make you look like a pro.



#5 ThermPro Meat Thermometer

I just recently added this to my kitchen collection, but now I wonder how I ever lived without it. Roasting chickens or grilling steaks can be tricky if you can’t check the internal temperature. Sure, you could slice the steak open to see if it’s done or cut the chicken breast in half to check the pinkness- but doesn’t that just ruin the tenderness and hard work to keep it juicy? This thermometer allows you to check the temperature, set a timer, and if you don’t know the correct internal temperature to use-it does it for you. Did I also mention it’s magnetic and can stick to your fridge so you never loose it?

Details: ThermPro TP16 Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer with Stainless Steel Probe



#6 Zester

From lemons, to limes, to grapefruit, and oranges- this zester is a must have in my kitchen. I have so many recipes that call for fruit zest and this zester is wonderful. A fruit zester is relatively cheap but makes a great stocking stuffer for the cook in your life.



#7 Garlic Press

Okay, this is one of my very favorite tools. I used to hand peel garlic for days before I got this garlic press. Now, this does the work for me and not to mention my hands don’t reek of garlic anymore. I use fresh garlic in most of my recipes because I love the flavor and smell when it’s cooking, however without a garlic press it seems like more of a pain than pleasure to cook with. A garlic press allows you to squeeze a clove of garlic without having to shred the outer skin off first. This gives you minced garlic without the trouble of shredding, peeling, and chopping by hand. This Garlic Press would make a wonderful stocking stuffer!



#8 Apple Peeler

If you have an apple-lover in your life, or even an apple-pie-lover this might be your jam. I love using this tool when I make apple pies because it cuts the amount of time to peel the apples in half and the clean up is so simple. This tool not only peels the apples but it cores out the center AND slices the apple into rings. It makes the process of homemade apple pies that much easier, faster, and more enjoyable. This is a fun tool to let your kids use as well, allowing them to help out in the kitchen and start some holiday baking traditions.



#9 Pastry Cutter

If you’ve ever made homemade biscuits or pie crust from scratch, it can become quite tricky unless you have a pastry cutter. This tool allows you to really cut and crumble the butter like a pro, making your pie crust look and taste that much better. I know I haven’t posted my famous biscuit recipe yet, but I’ll let you know I can’t make them without this awesome tool. This makes a wonderful gift for somebody who loves to bake.



#10 OXO Storage Containers

I’ve been a fan of these storage containers since before Justin and I got married, I couldn’t wait until I could put these on our wedding registry. After I received one set as a gift, I went out and bought several more- I was hooked! They make for great storage in the pantry because they’re clean, simplistic, and it allows you store more whole food ingredients for cooking.


All photos used were taken by and for The Healthy Chew, all rights reserved.



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