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A few days ago, Justin came home hauling over eighty pounds of pork meat from his last hunt. That means he came home with eighty pounds of Italian sausage, chorizo, bacon, bacon-wrapped tenderloins, ham, and pork chops from the local wild game processor. Filling our freezer up to the brim with meat, I knew I needed to start working on some recipes that incorporated the wild boar he went after. That’s the very definition of our life together—coherence. Justin is the outdoor woodsman who loves to bring home fresh game meat while I love to use and incorporate wild meats, fresh herbs, garden veggies, and new recipes. He enjoys getting dirty in the outdoors while I love to get my hands elbow deep in the kitchen. He is the salt to my pepper, the oil to my vinegar, the yin to my yang.

I originally wanted to make something a little on the savory side while still incorporating some whole foods such as veggies and whole grains. These days my mind is always thinking about the healthier options, and how I can pack as many nutrients into one dish as possible while still maintaining a great savory and satisfying tasteSince I’ve been craving more carbohydrates during my pregnancy, it was only natural for me to include some sweet potatoes and ancient grains—creating a healthy balance of complex carbs, fiber, protein, and veggies.

When I scurried over to the grocery store to pick up some sweet potatoes, I found some beautiful purple-colored ones labeled Oriental Sweet. Assuming they were similar to the typical sweet potatoes I usually buy, and excited to try something new, I picked them up without thinking twice. It wasn’t until I started chopping them on the cutting board in the kitchen that I discovered the potato flesh was white, and it caused me to think they would taste like a white potato. After cooking and mixing it into the dish, the sweetness really came out—even sweeter than your average sweet potato. So, with this said, if you see Oriental Sweet Potatoes in the store, don’t let their appearance fool you. Their beautiful, deep purple exterior shade and white interior may cause you to believe you’re about to dig into a regular white potato. But if you’re feeling bold and craving something sweet, these pretty purple potatoes just might be something you will want to try the next time you are in the produce section.

In the recipe, the sweetness from the potatoes complements the savory Italian sausage, creating a well-balanced sweet and savory dish. For the cheese, I chose a blend with Parmesan and Asiago, which gave it a slight smokey flavor. However, the cheese refused to melt all the way through, and left more of a crunch than the ooey-gooey strings like I had hoped. I invite you to mix it up a bit and use your own ingredients if you prefer. Maybe throw in some kale and spring-mix lettuce to the spinach, choose quinoa instead of farro, add mozzarella (for that ooey-gooey effect) instead of the Parmesan. Whatever your taste and style is—incorporate the ingredients to meet your family’s and your needs. AVO good life and happy cooking!





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Sweet Potato Farro Melt Recipe



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