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Whether I am traveling just for the weekend or any time longer, I always make sure I am prepared no matter the case. I’ve been wanting to do a post on what snacks I usually keep in my purse or backpack because so many people ask me how to travel while on a ‘healthy’ diet. Although it takes some simple preparation beforehand, anybody can travel and still eat well and balanced. Below are some of my top picks for traveling and what I usually carry with me when I am away from home. My purse is usually loaded down with snacks, water, and other travel essentials I may need.

Making healthy choices while on the road can be a bit tricky because of the lack of freshness and availability, but it is definitely not impossible. Look for ways to balance out your meals by making sure you’re including protein, fiber, fat, and vegetables with every meal. Add nutrient dense foods to your plate such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds. Lastly, increasing your water intake is a wonderful way to remain hydrated and healthy while traveling. Traveling takes a large toll on our bodies, oftentimes wearing our energy thin and our immune system into the ground. Having a game plan before leaving for vacation is key, here’s a look at mine.





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Quick oats are my go-to and #1 must have item when traveling because they are so incredibly easy to carry, heat up, eat, and dispose of. I usually carry a couple of these in my backpack or suitcase when traveling because all you need is hot water, which can be found at any coffee shop or food retailer. Bonus points for these guys because the water is free and you have a hot meal in less than one minute.

Tip: Look for brands that are low in added sugars. I also look for brands that have added fiber and protein such as nuts, seeds, and or flax. This specific brand of oatmeal by Dave’s Naturals can be used as quick oats or overnight oats to grab and go in the morning.



Okay, for all the ladies out there who carry purses—we are notorious for carrying one too many lip essentials. I’m guilty of carrying over five different combos but I have narrowed it down to only a few, plus my trusty hand sanitizer. When I travel, my skin and lips are prone to becoming dry and cracked. To ensure my hydration status is on par, increased water intake is on the first defense but a hydrating and soothing lip balm is always my second defense. Lastly, I never go anywhere without my hand sanitizer—between my outdoorsman of a husband and our crazy adventures I am bound to need it sometimes.


What I use: My go-to lip stick is from Sephora, and my go-to lip salve is Smith’s Rose Bud Salve or Vaseline Rosy Lips



There’s no better attention grabber than an intriguing book to steal your focus away from a long day of mundane travel. I love to carry a book with me especially when I know I will be traveling in a car or plane for longer than a few hours. Not only do I grab a good book, but my inclination gravitates towards a book where I can learn something from it as well. Traveling is a time waster in my opinion, why not make it better by filling that time with something useful?




I carry these religiously in my purse. If you’ve ever been with me while traveling, you know I always carry two or three extra…just in case. Protein bars go a long way when you get ‘hangry’ and sometimes it’s just the thing to quiet down your relentless stomach until the next meal.


Hint: These days, most protein bars contain a lot of extra ingredients and taste more like candy bars—try to choose something that is lower in added sugars and higher in protein to keep your belly satiated. Protein bars are not meant to substitute a meal, make sure you only use them when you need them instead of snacking on them like a candy bar. I love the brand Square Organics because of the variety of choices they offer and the quality ingredients they use. Every bar contains >10 grams of protein, healthy fats from cashews and almonds, and they contain no refined sugar. 

Code: Get 20% off your entire online purchase with my code TheHealthyChew 


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Keeping your body hydrated while traveling seems like a never-ending task, but why? Traveling naturally dries out our skin because of the recycled air that is pumped into airplanes, not to mention we are off-kilter with our schedules and most of us forget to bring a water bottle wherever we go. Making sure we bring water with us (especially in a refillable bottle like this one) helps to remind us of the importance of drinking enough water to replenish hydration status.


Hint: I like to use reusable water bottles like the brand Healthy Human because the stainless steel (BPA-free) material inside keeps my water cool for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Not to mention there are no sweat rings and the handle makes it easy to hold.


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Here is another easy-to-carry snack wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling for a week or only a day trip, these single-serve nut butters are a great source of protein and healthy fats. I have found them in local grocery stores such as HEB, Central Market, Whole Foods, Kroger etc. I love to add them to my meals or snacks throughout the day, giving an extra punch of protein and satiety. From breakfasts in the morning, if I am having toast or oatmeal, to snacks on the go such as sliced apples, cheese or crackers. You can even eat them plain. The great thing about these single-serve packets is they do not need refrigeration or utensils, just squeeze and go.


Hint: Look for single-serve packets that are lower in added sugars. Many nut butter products contain extra sugars in the ingredients but the nutrition facts should be 5 grams or less per serving.


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