Pregnancy Update: Food Aversions Turned Cravings



Wow! How is the time already flying by this fast? The past two weeks have really made a big difference when it comes to my physical appearance. The belly has officially made an appearance and it’s finally becoming pretty obvious to the public that I am pregnant.

Prior to now, it was still confusing as to whether I was looking bloated after a weekend of binge eating cinnamon rolls or if I could actually be with child. All kidding aside, I was starting to get a bit worried that I wasn’t gaining enough weight. This week, all fears were laid to rest when my jeans no longer fit me and my shorts from last year could no longer be zipped up. And get this, I was actually excited about my shorts not being able to fit my stomach—such a strange phenomenon!

My thoughts on clothes shopping: Why bother buying anything that fits in the present moment, I’m gonna be even bigger next week and won’t be able to fit into it. So for now I’ll just stick with my comfy dresses, leggings, linen pants, and linen shorts. Cheers to pregnancy and the next 21 weeks to come!




When I first found out I was pregnant up until week 8 of pregnancy, I couldn’t look at a vegetable without turning green myself. My former love of green vegetables had taken a turn for the worst and it took every ounce of energy to eat a single leaf of spinach. I would have never guessed in a million years my food aversions would be green vegetables. However, what once was a food aversion has now come back as a food craving. I will never understand the art of human nature or the mind of a woman.

One specific moment stands out to me the most, when I ate so much spinach I kept going back for more. I know we all believe in seconds for dinner when we’re extra hungry but have you ever heard of going back for thirds when eating a dinner salad? Well, I’m about to share something very unfamiliar, I was having an insatiable craving for leafs.

I fixed myself a bowl of salad, thinking I should eat the greens for the extra nutrients and folate, I wasn’t exactly craving a salad at that moment. However, one bite in and I was hooked! I shoveled down the salad and went back for seconds, thinking it could only benefit me. After finishing my second bowl of salad, my taste buds were still asking for more as if I was previously starving them from this goodness. After my third bowl of salad, I was seriously questioning my sanity—I know it’s nothing but goodness for my baby but holy cow that’s a lot of fiber for my body to try to digest! After finishing the bag of spinach, I just pondered in disbelief but at the same time, I’ll have to admit, I was slightly impressed.

I know we all believe in seconds for dinner when we’re extra hungry but have you ever heard of going back for thirds when eating a dinner salad?

Now that my crazy spinach cravings have settled down for the time being and I am no longer shoveling spinach onto my fork, vegetables are no longer an aversion. I no longer avoid green vegetables but welcome them onto my plate like dear old friends. What once was intolerable is enjoyed once again. I have to ask, is there anybody else having these weird sudden aversions that turn into cravings?




Growing up as a dancer, beginning with since I could barely walk, and becoming a high kicker in college on the Kilgore Rangerette team, I might have some biased, imaginative opinions of what baby is doing when I feel kicks and flutters. My mind immediately assumes that baby is dancing around to the music being played on my phone, maybe even a high kick here or there.

Although I am starting to feel flutters and slight kicks, they are not powerful punches yet. Mostly after I eat, I feel baby the most, which I’ve heard is quite normal. I guess baby likes all the fruits, vegetables, eggs, and carbs I’ve been eating because my hunger continues to be relentless and borderline savagery. Until my next baby update, you all know where I’ll be—in the kitchen scrambling some eggs with Cholula sauce.


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  1. Monica says:

    It has been almost ten years since I was pregnant, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Pork was my enemy my entire pregnancy, I couldn’t even smell it without feeling sick. As far as a “super craving” as I called them, I started eating mangoes more than usual and had gotten up to 3 or 4 a day, until my specialist told me I had to cut back before I have myself gestational diabetes. It is strange the way your body and mind change during pregnancy, but it happens to nearly everyone.

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