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Summertime desserts are among some of my very favorites because they usually involve some sort of fresh fruit. Berries are a great go-to during the season because of their peak freshness and easy accessibility in the grocery stores. This dump cake used the strawberries I hand picked from back in April when I went strawberry picking in Marble Falls, TX. After picking the strawberries, I washed, chopped, and froze several bags to save for later. I knew I would want to make some sweet strawberry treats in the summer and it turns out they were perfect for this.


My recipe calls for fresh strawberries but if you want to use frozen strawberries like I did, I recommend allowing the mixed berries and strawberries to thaw out together before mixing with the rest of the ingredients. Once they have been thawed, drain half the juice so that the dump cake is not too runny. This step is key if you are wanting your dump cake to stick together like a slice of pie.

Dump cakes are usually very simple in the ingredient category and take less than an hour from start to finish. These traits make them ideal to make for a last minute occasion or if you randomly have a hankering for something sweet after dinnertime. That sweet craving has been tapping me on the shoulder quite frequently lately due to my pregnancy cravings. However, knowing I can throw some fresh fruit and rolled oats in the mix makes me feel a bit better about these sweet summer nights.

I hope this recipe finds a smile on your face as it did for Justin and me. Sometimes a simple dessert after a good meal is what life is all about, enjoying the moment and embracing the sweet side of life. It doesn’t have to be fancy nor does it need to involve a hundred different steps in order to be enjoyed. Sometimes, the simpler the better.




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Strawberry Oat Dump Cake Recipe







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Strawberry Dump Cake


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