Our Baby Nursery Reveal

Ever since we have moved into our treehouse back in May, I had a vision for Emery’s nursery. I’m a simple girl who loves and appreciates the simplicity of white, so naturally when designing her room I wanted to incorporate plenty of white with pops of color here and there. I’ve never been a huge fan of pink, always claiming it to be too girly, however I have grown a new love for different hues of pink in salmon, coral, peach, and baby pink. Since we were starting from scratch in a new house (well, new to us) I figured what would be a better way to welcome home our new baby girl in a new nursery that we built together. So that’s just what we did, from the ground up we redesigned this little space so that when Emery Lauren comes waltzing into our world in September she will have a space all of her own. 

The nursery really was a labor of love, from everybody. I can’t sit here and take credit for anything because without the help from Justin, his family, my family, friends, and of course our subscribers, viewers, and fans, this nursery would not have been finished in time. Perhaps the blinds would still be in shambles, the crib would be sitting in the corner unfinished, and my face would exude angst expressions with every minute passing by.

But that’s okay, I’ve come to realize that not having everything done is simply part of life, it’s part of parenthood. When do we ever have everything accomplished and on track? Life is not supposed to be solved 100% of the time, for it is not a math problem on a sheet of white paper. For this nursery we simply took one day at a time, one idea at a time and brought it to life. One paint stroke after the next, this nursery slowly came alive and I am more proud to say it was a collaboration with our village than I would be saying it was all Justin and I. Along the way, we found our village, we found our tribe, the people whom we love and who support us, the people who have helped us along the way get to where we are today. So for that, we are thankful beyond what words can describe. For the amount of support and love our little family has already received is beyond measurable to us.


It all started with a fresh layer of paint on the walls. When we originally moved in, I said I wasn’t going to paint any of the walls and that I was fine with the color. Well, as soon as I got her pink gauze curtains up on the rod, I was disappointed with how the paint undertones were showing up to me. They made the room look extremely pink and mauve colored, so I made a trip to Sherwin Williams and bought a can of paint to lighten and brighten the room up a bit. The color I chose is called Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. After a fresh coat of paint, I was thoroughly inspired to keep the updates going, so we moved on to her giant windows overlooking the backyard trees.

I really wanted to make her windows pop since her room defines what the treehouse is all about- trees! She has one of the best views of the house and to highlight that feature and add some definition to the room, the plan was to frame out the windows using wood and trim. This was a simple process, although her windows were slightly uneven and we had to make some key adjustments due to the sloping of the window frames. After we nailed the boards in the wall, caulked, and painted, the windows looked a thousand times better.

Here was our Lake Life Family Vlog all about getting the nursery ready



Lastly, our house has some key shiplap designs and I wanted to tie that all together in her nursery. Keeping the same theme of our house, but still making it feel versatile for when she grows up and no longer wants a nursery theme in her bedroom. Finding the boards at The Home Depot and Lowe’s was a bit tricky because of the length we needed. We went with the longer length, allowing single boards to stretch the length of her wall instead of cutting them to piece together. After nailing them into the wall studs, I went over the boards with a heavy white wash to bring the white simplicity to life.

Here was our Lake Life Family Vlog all about DIY shiplap and white wash paint


From the very beginning of this nursery makeover to the last finishing touches of decor, I already mentioned we are more proud to showcase our DIY projects because of the amount of love that poured into this entire project. We painted her bookcase in the closet to match her crib, which we used the color Snowbound from Sherwin Williams. I went ahead and used the rest of the Snowbound paint with a ratio of 2:1, paint to water for the shiplap wall.



After all the structural pieces were put into place and we could finally begin to decorate and move furniture around the way we desired, I had my good friend Susie from Curtis Creation come help me put it all together. She knows more about design than I ever will and her home boutique is swoon worthy. When we originally bumped into each other, she was re-decorating and designing her vendor stall located at the Grapevine Antique Market in Grapevine, TX. I was immediately glued to her products because they were classy, farmhouse, and rustic with a touch of white- I was hooked. Later, I found out her shop had an entire nursery and Little Ones section. From plush animals to decor, blankets, and hampers, I knew her style and mine were a match made in heaven.


Blanket Ladder is available at her vendor stall at Grapevine Antiques, Bunny Blanket, Giraffe Blanket


Sage Bush Greenery, Bunny Photo Frame, Hug Me Pillow



The crib was originally a wood color, my mom sanded and re-painted it white. She also made the crib bite guard and window ties using fabric from Little Unicorn, matching her sheets and changing pad cover.


Emery Lauren sign from The Simply Inspired shop. They were so wonderful to work with, everything is handmade and made to order. They make beautiful quality home  signs and decor- Emery’s customized name sign is metal lettering with a paint finish. I first found them through Instagram and fell in love with their work, not to mention they are such genuine and wonderful people who can make any request happen!



Pig Bookends


Vintage Laundry Basket, Lamb Plush Toy


Sleepy Bear Hamper


Rabbit Lamp


Little Unicorn Changing Pad Cover


To everybody that has helped us thus far in welcoming Baby Emery Lauren into the world, we are extremely grateful. For like I mentioned earlier, we are more proud to call you part of our tribe and village than we ever would be saying we did this all ourselves. It’s been such an exciting time in our lives, embarking on this new journey of parenthood together and bringing you along with us. We cannot wait until she finally arrives and our family has grown by another heartbeat. Until next time, you’ll find me in her new nursery dreaming about all the wonderful things to come.


All photos used were taken by and for The Healthy Chew, all rights reserved.


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  1. Amy Moneghan says:

    The room is beautiful. I’ve watched from the beginning. You guys did a great job.

  2. Adriene Pauley says:

    Aw the room looks so beautiful . I remember setting up the nursery on a tiny budget making most of the decorations myself ( used a baby animal calendar for wall pictures lol ) it had turned out so cute , but once my daughter arrived it just kind of had that lived in look , always a little messy but fun loved haha ! You did an amazing job on the room . Beautiful

    1. Emily says:

      Her nursery is beautiful! My husband and I are putting together our nursery for our little girl that will be here in a few months. How did you add the flowers to the skull mount? My husband loved the idea of this in our nursery.


      1. thehealthychew says:

        Hey Emily! Thank you so much, this was so much fun to put together but now her toddler room looks much less organized. Happy to say the theme we went with still remains and we’ve kept most of the decor for transitioning into a “big girl” room. I found the antlers at an antique shop with the bone still attached. I bought fake flowers at hobby lobby and hot glued them directly onto the skull bone- some were tricky but the key was to get them all bunched up together so you can’t see the glued part

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