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Gift Ideas for the New Momma

It’s been a little over 2 months since I became a new momma, therefore, I can hardly call myself a seasoned vet, however, there have been a few things I’ve learned to love over the course of these past 11 weeks. From my favorite swaddle blankets, to cribs, to bouncers, I’ve narrowed down a few items that I think every new mom would enjoy with their little one as well. These items make our daily lives a bit easier, happy baby means happy mama– am I right?

Starting with some of the basic essentials, these are some of the items I use on a daily basis.

These nursing basics are a few of my favorite things, breastfeeding can be stressful enough so adding extra comfort for yourself should be a top priority. I use these items on a daily basis and the robe and nursing bras make for wonderful gifts too! I found that nursing bras were uncomfortable and slightly bulky, these ‘nursing friendly’ bras are my go-to daily wear (I own them in every color).

Traveling with baby can go either of two ways, very stressful or it can truly be a joy ride. Thankfully we figured out early on that our little one likes to get out and travel a bit in the car- especially when babe is in a good mood. When traveling with baby, I can’t go anywhere without my diaper bag, solly wrap, some kind of blanket, and my car seat canopy. I absolutely love this car seat canopy to keep the germs away, while it also allows baby to remain relaxed without excess stimuli everywhere I take her.

Having a changing station is a must have when it comes to stress-free diaper changing. If you are set up for success, diaper changing is nothing to fret over. Making sure you are fully stocked and ready to go at all times is the best advice I can give, plus it definitely helps to have a wiper warmer and diaper genie too.

Establishing a night time routine is key for getting a good night rest, we found this out pretty early on. We also found that swaddling our baby was harder than it looks because our little babe wanted her hands by her face at all times and would kick her way out of a swaddle. These ‘faux swaddle blankets’ were a saving grace for late night diaper changes when you can’t even think straight. Furthermore, we’ve slept with this sound machine/nightlight since day one in the hospital. It’s soothing and baby associates the routine white noise with bedtime, something we love! It’s all programmable and allows for several different personalized settings, which are set to your smart phone.

Bath time with your little one should be exactly what you picture when you think ‘clean baby, happy baby’. Although for some, this is not the picturesque case. It took us a few tries to get our babe to enjoy bath time, which included trying different soaps, different bath tubes, and different scrubbies/washcloths/brushes. Our babe has very sensitive skin and does not do well with products that are too abrasive. Check out my go-to items for happy, moisturized, baby-soft skin.

Day time with your little one can be a bit daunting at time– not knowing what to do with them when they are so young and longing to walk away to get a few chores done around the house. This Graco swing was an absolute saving grace when we brought it home, our Emmie girl loves it just as much as we do because she can nap in it for hours. Mom can leave the room knowing she is safe, and babe can relax and swing for as long as she likes. This swing has up to eight different settings, plays music, and allows for two levels of vibrations. If I had to choose one must-have, this would definitely be it!

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