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My (short) Story: Born and raised in the active city of Austin, Texas, I have always had the influence of healthy living at my doorstep. I was heavily involved in dance throughout my high school career, I even earned my spot as the captain of my dance & drill team during my senior year. In 2011, I began having terrible acne and itchy skin flare ups after everything I ate. My gastrointestinal tract was acting up and my hormones had become wildly unbalanced. After countless doctors appointments, dermatologist visits, medications, and blood tests it was an unsolved mystery as to what was causing it. That’s when I turned to nutrition for my answer. I spent the next several months keeping food journals and thankfully uncovered the truth, I had unknowingly developed an adverse reaction and allergy to soybean.

Thus began my journey to find the truth behind a healing and nutritious diet.

More on my personal story here: Cheers For Being 5 Years Soy-Free!


I spent my first two years of college in a little East Texas town called Kilgore. I auditioned and became part of the 72nd class of THE KILGORE COLLEGE RANGERETTES. Becoming a collegiate athlete/dancer, I understood the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet in order to keep my body active and working properly. In 2012, I proudly represented the Kilgore Rangerettes in partnership with ‘The Southwest Dairy Farmers’ to promote healthy bodies who drink milk. I was also known as “The Milk Girl” as my photo appeared on a couple thousand (life-sized) growth chart posters. I had so many opportunities throughout this organization that helped develop the woman I am today, giving me persistence, determination, and friendships that will last a life time. However, I was ready to begin my education at a university where I could further my studies to become a Registered Dietitian in the field of Dietetics.



After two years with the Kilgore Rangerettes, I made my way to Texas A&M University  in College Station, TX where I continued to build my knowledge of nutrition by studying the nutritional sciences. After another two (and a half) short years, I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Science within the Didactic Program for Dietetics. I was part of several nutrition organizations within my department and I am currently still a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Mid-East Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Texas Student Dietetic Association

In 2017, I recently became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) ready and itching to begin my career with personal consulting and continuing my weekly blog articles with healthy recipes. 


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I met my sweetheart and best friend, Justin upon transferring to Texas A&M University to begin my degree in Nutrition. Not only did he sweep me off my dancing feet but he continued to love me during my lengthy and strenuous undergraduate career. We were head over heels in love and couldn’t wait to get married before I graduated. After the toughest semester of my undergraduate career, training for a half marathon, buying a house, and committing our lives to each other we finally said, “I DO”. My husband, my sweetheart, has been by my side during this entire journey, supporting me and keeping me grounded. My daily motivation to be the best I can be comes from him, always giving his best and challenging me to do the same. 

Justin and I love to spend our free time together and outside in nature. He is most famous for his LakeForkGuy fishing channel on YouTube but I know him best for his goofy singing, quirky jokes, and unending love for bass in the water. We like blogging and vlogging together and he often takes me fishing with him (when I agree to go, that is).

Our fur child, Winston came trotting into our lives in 2015 when we rescued him. He continues to bring laughter to our home daily, making us the happiest parents around. Don’t be surprised to see him in and around my posts, photos, and social media pictures. His hobbies include taking long naps, chowing down on salmon & sweet potatoes, morning snuggles, howling at other dog friends, and fetching his stuffed fox animal.







This is me, Stephanie Rackley, RDN. This is The Healthy Chew.


-Stephanie Rackley RDN