“Chicken Turmeric Curry with Jasmine Rice”

Okay so I have a funny story to tell you about where I found my inspiration for this post. I’ll be honest, I promise. Last week, during my foodservice rotation in my Dietetic Internship I was helping out in public school kitchens. I worked three days alongside the foodservice workers to get a better understanding…


Empty Promises Of A Low-Carb Diet

Low carb diets may sound like the fix-all when it comes to your weight, eat less carbs .. gain less weight. When you think of carbs, your first thought probably goes straight to pasta, rice, and bread, am I right? Yes, those are carbs but there is more to carbs than meets the hungry eye….

The ABC Blocks of Nutrition- CARBS Unleashed

The ABC’s of Nutrition Carbs, Protein and Fat.. We’ve heard these concepts before but what do they mean? What makes a carbohydrate a carbohydrate, a protein a protein, and a fat a fat? Are all carbohydrates created equal? Are all fats bad for you? How does a vegetarian get their protein without meat? I am…