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The ABC Blocks of Nutrition- FATS Underestimated

The ABC Blocks of Nutrition- FATS Underestimated

Carbs, Protein and Fat.. We’ve heard these concepts before but what do they mean? What makes a carbohydrate a carbohydrate, a protein a protein and a fat a fat? Are all carbohydrates created equal? Are all fats bad for you? How does a vegetarian get their protein without meat?

But first, the FAT terminology

Before I go any further into this macronutrient you might want to take a crash course in lipid terminology in order to gain a better insight into what is coming your way.





Too much fat, so little time!

Wheww! That was a long list of fats to cover and I know it can be overwhelming. I too, sometimes get confused about what foods have what type of fat. However, there is something important to remember.. the more naturally occurring a fat is, the better it is for you! The best fats are the Monounsaturated fatty acids (olive oil, walnuts, & avocados). Never be afraid of fat, because well, we can’t avoid it anyways! No matter how hard you try.

Instead, look for ways to include the healthy fats into your diet and lifestyle.

Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwich

So WHY do we want FAT in our diet?

Fat is essential for our composition as human beings. It contributes to every cell in our body including our brain and nervous tissue. It contributes to activate and trigger hormones, helps to regulate our body functions such as muscle contractions, immune function, blood clotting and blood pressure. We need fat on our body to help protect our organs from damage, such is why we have our buttocks and palms on our hands. Without fat, we would not be able to absorb vitamins such as vitamins A,D,E & K. We wouldn’t be able to live without these vitamins in our bodies. Fat also supplies us with energy and when in excess, the body stores it away. When we accidentally “skip a meal” and need the extra energy boost, fat stores are here to save the day without tapping into your muscle stores. Last but not least, fat makes momma’s homemade southern dishes that much better, giving flavor and satiety to every mouthful.






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